Lavender Bubbles

i remember this girl stole my Britney Spears ‘in the zone’ cd when we were 10 and she just tried adding me on fb and I’m still mad about it

i hate when you hang out with a group of popular kids and suddenly you’re a fucking nerd

I’m at this talk with Alexander wang and these girls in front of me in the theater keep taking selfies and I’m like right smack dab in the middle of all of them looking like a radioactive turd….





Just a friendly reminder that u should call ur animals by gender-neutral or multiple pronouns.  They CAN understand you and YES it is possible for an animal to be trans.  Your cat having a penis does not make it male.  It is straight up animal abuse to deliberately misgender your pets so please do not do it.



yall so fucking annoyiiiiiiiiiing lmao

all of my cousins are literally like, evil. like children of the corn evil..